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Why Gains?

We believe sport clubs are not truly maximizing the opportunities available to them and they are leaving, money, progress and innovation on the table.

We help select organizations transform their business through innovation. We work from the inner tribe to the fan because we played at the highest levels and cheer around the globe.

Sport is our passion, innovation is our business.  

The Problem(s)

Most sport clubs and companies:

1/ Have assets they don’t fully realize or maximize;

2/ Have operational issues they’d love input on;

3/ Have lots of data, but no action or capability;

4/ Understand that technology over promises and under delivers;

5/ Have a platform, but fail to take full advantage of it;

6/ Stick to traditional models when contemporary models are shifting the game.


What We Do(s)

We attack these problems two ways

Innovation Design

Create. Launch. Expand.

  • Innovation Design + Structure

  • Innovation Strategy - Portfolio Management & Operations

  • Scout, filter, and manage pilots

  • Build/prototype products

Data Consultancy

Build. Automate. Solve.

  • Proof of Concept + Build Out

  • Backend Systems - Development, Advisement, & Deployment

  • Discrete problem solving

  • Micro-services Development


Good work with good partners.

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Steve and Dave met at a bar in Los Angeles for one quick beer that turned into a few long ones. One is a player turned big data guru and the other is a coach turned innovation dude.

Gains was born that night out of conviction that the athlete is the story, and that data is jet fuel for the next wave of storytellers.

You can always send one of them an email directly at:

Or you can keep clicking through the website to see more. Thanks for checking in.



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