Driven by a pilot innovation model shaped by the industry we love.


Innovation Work

Innovation Design is our craft. We use a custom approach in sport and entertainment because it is a dynamic and complex environment where standard turnkey models fail. We only work with a select number of clients, we work in relative silence, and we create opportunities to interact with one another in both formal and informal settings.





FC Barcelona Innovation Hub asked us to expand, build, and manage BIHUB projects.

What we did

We built a network of stakeholders now partnering with FC Barcelona. We worked with the internal BIHUB team to identify areas of exploration and future business opportunity.

the result

US Ambassadors and innovation firm for Barça Innovation Hub - we build partnerships across the investment, startup, and technology communities. We help deliver and manage an internal process for project management.





LDF asked us to create a sport specific strategy that addressed not only marketing and brand exposure, but opportunities to drive revenue growth through innovative thinking.

What we did

We dug deep into the world of conservation, non-profit, and sport/entertainment to develop a clear picture of areas LDF could think differently. We built a predictive model for new innovations over a 20 year horizon guided by macro and micro trends. This intelligence informed the strategic vision and operations plan we developed.

the result

A 10-year strategy complete with metrics and programmable schedule of projects guiding current planning and fundraising. Our work with LDF is ongoing.


Not your average data consultancy. Build - Measure - Learn.


Data Work

Our Innovation Design builds intelligence, but our Data Production Studio is where we roll up our sleeves and create product. Our specialty is creating data sets, valuing them, and building tools to drive insights 0’s and 1’s.


Sport Science

Software Development


P3 is a sports science testing center. They asked us to scale their process beyond their physical facility.

What we did

We developed and implemented back-end warehousing and automated reporting solution. Developed machine learning algorithms for report enhancement. Codified the P3 sport science process through data.

the result

Led vendor selection and implementation. Created cloud-based data processing and reporting algorithms. Manage ongoing data research projects.


The National Football League released the All-22 Player Tracking data to each team in the league. There was an immediate need for developing a semantic layer of intelligence for Head Coach and GM decisions.

What we did

We launched an agile consortium of six teams in collaboration with an Artificial Intelligence company to begin automating scouting processes, mine movement data, and create custom metrics that matched the style of play for each individual club. We worked with coaches and scouts with deep tactical knowledge, plus programmers and data scientists in a Data Tiger Team to ensure real experience informed the data.

the result

We continue to build, but we delivered the following products:

  • A semantic intelligence layer that generates tactical insight from player movement

  • Custom metrics for each team

  • AI built tools for advanced opponent scouting, self-scouting, and coaching questions based a deep understanding of both data and the game of football.


Data R&D

Automation and Insights

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 2.14.09 PM.png

Product Dev

Predictive Game


We wondered if we could build a NBA G-League game on the Twitch extension platform.

What we did

We built a interactive game that created a series of “prediction moments” during live games. We tied that into brands and clubs to test product market fit.

the result

A fully operational Twitch predictive gaming extension that can be downloaded by streamers to better engage, retain, and reward their viewers.