Steve Gera

Co-FOUNDER / Chief executive

Steve Gera is the Kevin Bacon of sport. Not quite A list, but a solid character actor who works with superstars. If you work in sport you may have heard of “this bald dude” who works in innovation. A former Marine who coached quarterbacks in the NFL, invests in startups, and now advises global properties on innovation. He is a sucker for novelty and the impossible.

Steve joined the Marine Corps three days after 9/11 and served two combat tours in 2003 to 2004. After leaving the Marines he earned his MBA, during which he was asked if he could “do Moneyball” for the San Diego Chargers. He said “yes,” and a career built on saying “yes” was born.

Steve is the Chief Executive at Gains and responsible for the driving our innovation practice. He works closely with FC Barcelona, WWE, IMG and new partners. He still works with elite military units for fun – because it’s the right thing to do.

He spent a decade working in the NFL as a coach, scout, and executive before co-founding an AI company that helped TeamSky Cycling to Tour de France wins in 2015 & 2016. He became a partner at Hickory VC, a sport investment firm and along the way began advising European football clubs. In 2017 he co-founded Gains as the leading innovation firm for sport and entertainment with the fella below.


Dave Anderson

Co-FOUNDER / chief digital

Dave Anderson has always been part athlete - part nerd. A 6-year NFL wide receiver, an MBA holding data scientist, and digital media guru...striving for that modern-day Ren@issance man status. 

Dave believes data starts and ends with storytelling. As the Chief Digital Officer at Gains Group, Dave turns tech and data into captivating content. Molding ideas into scalable data stories. 

Before Gains, Dave was #6 at the analytics start-up Second Spectrum where all of yesterday’s best buzzwords were buzzing:  A.I., Machine Learning, Big Data, and Moneyball. He was instrumental in the development, marketing, and selling of their tracking data products to teams (NBA, NFL, MLB, EPL, La Liga), media (Fox, ESPN, Sky) and fans. 

With fellow data geeks he can be described as a feature engineer, with athletes he is described as quick slot receiver that had a knack for getting open. Either way he can help you make it happen.